Killing Floor 2: Open Beta Live


With the release of Killing Floor, it was one of those games that was kind of hard to find.  Until steam picked it up.  Now to many, it’s surprising that Tripwire Interactive is releasing a second version of the game.  Killing Floor 2.  Tripwire Interactive just released an open beta on the PS4.  Which is exciting because, this is the first Killing Floor will be played on a console.

In Killing Floor 2 has a quite interesting backstory.  Which lead to these zombie-like specimens called “ZEDs”.  How the game is mapped out goes something like this.  The player gets to choose classes:  Field Medic, Support, Sharpshooter, Commando, Berserkers, Firebug, Gunslinger, and SWAT.  All of them have special tactics and techniques.  Which a few are quite new to the game.  Players will then spawn in the selected map, and begin killing ZEDs.  After the current wave is all killed, a trader will appear.  Here you can stock up on ammunition, buy new guns, switch your class, and more.  Then the next wave and you start the whole process over.  At the end, there is a boss.  Players have to strategically place whatever they can on the ground, use specific classes and save up “Dosh” (money), and just all out avoid the wrath of the final boss.  Depending on difficulty level, the boss will spawn out other ZEDs to help him take out members of your crew.  Once defeated, players will gain a good amount of experience points for the current class they are using and then vote on the next map.


If you were curious about the type of ZEDs there are, here you go:

Cyst – Pretty much just an ammo waster, however in groups, they can get dangerous

Clot – Different from Killing Floor I, the Clot has been improved upon one of his abilities being that he can grab you and not let go

Slasher – New to the game, the Slasher lives up to his name, wielding claws and coming after you

Crawler – A mix between a human and a spider these things are pretty much the definition of annoying, hopping up and down doing little to no damage, just basically there to get in the way, however very dangerous in groups

Stalker – Living up to her name, she’s invisible…and only comes to view when shot so be careful

Bloat – Even though he may look just like a heavy built guy, the Bloat can do some real damage, that being his poisonous bite and both hatchets he swings around, not to mention his mass acts as a bullet-sponge to protect himself and other ZEDs

Gorefast – Armed with a sword for an arm, the Gorefast charges you at full speed, if not taken out early the damage could be critical

Siren – With the sonic screaming the Siren can produce, not only can it cause damage but disorientate you

Husk – Armed with an arsenal of flame weapons, the Husk can also catch you on fire

Scrake – Armed with a chainsaw as an arm, the Scrake will inevitably charge you, once you are cornered…best of luck to you

Fleshpounder – Big and angry, the Fleshpounder does exactly what his name is, pounds flesh…his charge is almost unavoidable, has two grinding mechanisms as arms and needs serious anger management