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    1. There are currently no users chatting.

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    1. #1 LegitBruh, Nov 8, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Feb 5, 2017

      You may have noticed that we have recently implemented a new shoutbox/chat system on our site. This is a guide to show you how to use all of the features and command available to you while chatting.​


      The chat system is customisable to the user and there is many different things that you can customise on it. We'll start by going through the settings and what each one does.

      you should see at the top of your chat a drop down list called "settings" it looks like this
      If you click on this you will see a whole bunch of things that can be toggled on or off.
      The first section is called Sound
      With this new chat you can enable it to play a small sound when a message is received within the chat.​
      • Normal Messages plays a sound anytime a new message is sent in the chat​
      • Whisper Messages (Private Chat Message to a user) plays a sound when you receive a whisper​
      • Tag Messages plays a sound when someone Tags you in a message​
      • Bot Messages plays a sound when the PortalCentric bot makes an announcement.​
      These are useful if you are working on a 2nd screen or a different program/tab and you are talking to someone, it allows you to be notified when they reply without having to keep checking the chat.

      The next section under settings is Desktop Notifications
      A desktop notification is similar to the sound notifications but instead of it playing a sound to notify you of a message it it gives you a small popup window that lasts a few seconds showing you the message and who sent it.

      Each one again notifies you of something different​
      • Normal Messages notifies you anytime a new message is sent in the chat​
      • Whisper Messages notifies you when you receive a whisper​
      • Tag Messages notifies you when someone Tags you in a message​
      • Bot Messages notifies you when the PortalCentric bot makes an announcement.​
      The next section under settings is Miscellaneous
      What each one does:
      • Enable Maximized Mode: Expands the chat allowing more messages to be seen at any one time​
      • Inverse Messages Direction: Changes the message direction from scrolling up to scrolling down (takes effect on next message posted)​
      • Display Images as Links: Images posted within the chat will appear as links rather than showing the image​
      • Place Editor on Top: Places the text bar on top of the chat rather than at the bottom​
      • Hide Bot Messages: Hides the messages from the PortalCentric bot​
      • Hide Statuses: Hides the statuses under peoples names on the right of the chat​
      • Hide Chatters List: Hides the list of chatters on the right of the chat​
      • Show Ignored Users Messages: Shows the messages of the users you've ignored​
      • Disable Auto Hide: Disables the chat from automatically minimising (only appears when chat display mode is set to "All Pages)​
      • Disable Chat: Disables the chat​
      To re-enable the chat you will need to refresh your page and depending on where you had the chat you should see a button called "enable chat", click that and the chat will return.
      For me it appeared at the bottom as my chat was located there last.

      The next section is Display Mode.
      This allows you to set the position of where you want the chat to be located. Each one is self explanatory, just experiment until you find one you like.


      The next drop down list on the chat is called Options

      Inside of options you can do a few extra things which are:
      • Update Status: Add a status message under your name. E.g. [​IMG]
      • Open in Popup: Opens the chat in a separate popup window
      • View Top Chatters: View the top chatters of the Day,Week,Month,Year... etc

      Chat Commands

      Inside the chat there is many commands that you can use to achieve different things when chatting. For a full list of commands outside of this thread type "/help" into the input field without quotations and it will display all usable commands or just press the help button on top of the chat to see the same commands.

      Those commands are:
      View Commands (open)

      Type /me followed by an action message in third person.
      Example: /me says hello!
      Outputs: LegitBruh says hello!
      Type /status followed by a text to update your chat status.
      Type /whisper [username] followed by a message to send a private message to another user.
      Example: /whisper [User 1] how are you?
      Outputs: (Whisper) how are you?
      You can send messages to multiple users at the same time by separating usernames with a comma.
      Hovering over the "(Whisper)" text will display the users who can see the message.
      Clicking on the "(Whisper)" text will allow you to send a new message to the same users.
      Type /rooms to display the available chat rooms.
      Type /room followed by a keyword to find a specific room.
      Type /user followed by a username to find messages posted by a specific user.
      Type /rules to display the chat rules.
      Type /clear to clear all the messages from the chat window on your screen (does not delete them).
      Type /quit to leave the room. Optionally you can write a message.
      Example: /quit see you later
      Outputs: LegitBruh has left the chat (see you later).
      Type /mute followed by the username of the user you want to mute.
      Example: /mute User 1
      Type /giphy followed by a keyword to post a random animated GIF image.
      Type /msg username followed by a message separated by comma to start a private conversation with someone.
      Example: /msg User 1, What's up?
      Type /find followed by a search term to find messages in the current private conversation.
      Example: /find best donuts shop
      To return to the conversation, type /new
      Type /roll to roll a dice.
      You can choose how many dices to roll and ho many sides a dice will have by adding (n)d(n) where the first n is the number of dices and the second one is the number of sides.
      Example: /roll 2d100
      Outputs: LegitBruh rolls 2d100 and gets 34,56.
      You can also specify modifiers: +n -y
      Custom Commands <-- VIP/Premium & Staff Members Only
      Type //name followed by some text to create/update a custom command.
      Type //name delete to delete a custom command.
      Example: //hello Hello guys! What's up?
      Now, when you input //hello will post the text: "Hello guys! What's up?"
      Type /my to list your custom commands.

      • If you hover over the user count text in chat rooms list, you can see who's chatting in that room.
      • If you click on the message author's username, you can tag the author.

      Command Alternatives

      You don't have to always use the commands for certain things such as Whisper or Ignore. Instead of using the commands you can click the small arrow next to the users name in the users chatting and you will see a list similar to this:
      Of course you wont have some of the ones I do but the Whisper, Mute and Ignore will allow you to use the command without having to type it out.

      To tag someone in a message all you have to do is click on that users name within the chat and it will add it to your inout field on the chat. you can click on multiple people and tag them all in one message.

      Same with whisper, you can add more than one user to a whisper at a time, either by doing the command like so
      /whisper [PESHI-1988, LegitBruh]
      or by selecting the whisper from multiple users in the drop down on their name in the chatters section.

      Hope you find this helpful and useful and enjoy the new chat system. Happy Chatting!
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    2. Take Note of the new Private Conversations in chat feature is very different from the pm feature via /whisper command.

      /whisper - this simply allows you to send a quick PM and can be read via staff

      the /msg user, message - this is a full Private PM Box like the conversations feature on the forums but within the chat.

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