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    1. #1 OrganicDeveloper, Oct 10, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
      Setting up traps

      This is a simple tutorial on how to setup traps for your map
      - Electric traps:

      • First download the already made prefabs here:
      • Trap base zapper prefab:

        Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links

      • Zapper emitters and beam prefab:

        Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links

      • Trap switch box prefab:

        Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links

      • Trap lights prefab:

        Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links

      • Place them in BlackOps3Root/map_source/_prefabs/zm/zm_core
      • First place the base zapper, this is the only one you have to modify when including more than one
      • (Change the KVP to trap_b or something to indicate more than one)
      • After that you can place the emitters and box prefabs and align them with geometry.
      • You do not place the light prefab, it's for another prefab.
      • Now it's time to set up the required FX and code for the traps, open up mapname.gsc in usermaps/mapname/scripts/zm
      • Under powerups add the following:
        #using scripts\zm\_zm_trap_electric;
      • Below the last #using put the following:
      #precache( "fx", "dlc0/factory/fx_elec_trap_factory" );
      #precache( "fx", "maps/zombie/fx_zombie_light_glow_green" );
      #precache( "fx", "maps/zombie/fx_zombie_light_glow_red" );
      #precache( "fx", "fx_zombie_light_elec_room_on" );
      #precache( "fx", "zombie/fx_elec_player_md_zmb" );
      #precache( "fx", "zombie/fx_elec_player_sm_zmb" );
      #precache( "fx", "zombie/fx_elec_player_torso_zmb" );
      #precache( "fx", "electric/fx_elec_sparks_burst_sm_circuit_os" );
      #precache( "fx", "electric/fx_elec_sparks_burst_sm_circuit_os" );
      #precache( "fx", "zombie/fx_powerup_on_green_zmb" );
      • Add the following function or modify your own to the script anywhere:
        function precache_fx()
        level._effect["zapper"] = "dlc0/factory/fx_elec_trap_factory";
        level._effect["zapper_light_ready"] = "maps/zombie/fx_zombie_light_glow_green";
        level._effect["zapper_light_notready"] = "maps/zombie/fx_zombie_light_glow_red";
        level._effect["elec_room_on"] = "fx_zombie_light_elec_room_on";
        level._effect["elec_md"] = "zombie/fx_elec_player_md_zmb";
        level._effect["elec_sm"] = "zombie/fx_elec_player_sm_zmb";
        level._effect["elec_torso"] = "zombie/fx_elec_player_torso_zmb";
      • Then finally call the function in the main():
      • Repeat the entire mapname.gsc edits you just did on your mapname.csc as well, But wherever you see #precache( "fx", change it to #precache( "client_fx", Very Important!
      • You can now rebuild the map and use the trap.
      Credits: DTZxPorter

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