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    1. Since the APK isnt giving me any luck with these type of mods, I went and found a program that allows you to mod it on the browser side. I tested it before and it seemed to work find. Some lockouts may occur but other than that its a pretty solid tool.


      You will need to install

      Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links

      first (Many antivirus programs like to remove it for some reason, including mine)
      And then run the program as admin:

      Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links


      Hello guest, Please Register or login to view links

      (2 False Positives)

      If it doesn't work and your AV keeps removing Cheat Engine. Try making the setup or Cheat Engine an exception.

      Credits: Kikoz


    2. Upload for android please
    3. Only works for PC because you cant change "offsets" and other variables on android. There may be a modded APK out there somewhere.
    4. please can you give me 10M coins or you dont have?
    5. Coins are server sided. So that part of the game is unable to be edited.
      Mantasss likes this.
    6. ok, but you play 8 ball pool and you can give me coins from your account please.

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