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Killing Floor 2: Open Beta Live

With the release of Killing Floor, it was one of those games that was kind of hard to find.  Until steam picked it up.  Now to many, it’s surprising that Tripwire Interactive is releasing a second version of the game.  Killing Floor 2.  Tripwire Interactive just released an open beta on the PS4.  Which is exciting because, this is the first Killing Floor will be played on a console.

Newly Released Games

To say the least 2016 has been a great year, especially if you are a gamer.  With 4k, virtual reality, and so much more.  Here are some newly released gaming titles.

PS4 Pro: Release Date, Specs, & More

PS4 Pro
With the release of the PS4.  It pretty much set the standard for console gaming.  Very few things were missing, one of those things being 4K, HDR, and VR experience.  Only so much can be packed into a small rectangular space in order to get the most out performance and keep up with the high demand gamers look for in a console in this new era.  Sony found a way to do just that.